Association Political Forum (APF)

The Political forum of the Totnes Conservative Association is a small group of people who discuss current opinion of how we see the political landscape. We meet about 5 or 6 times a year

All of these discussions and others are covered by notes so that Dr Sarah Wollaston is aware of our concerns.

The topics we have covered are many and varied:-

  • Communication – we felt that the current government were particularly bad in explaining their policies – we made representations to Central office.
  • Planning – preparing questions for the public meeting at Dartington for the planning minister Nick Boles.
  • Deficit / Debt – we felt these two headings were continuously muddled and that the size of the deficit with its long term implications were not understood and how this would affect the electorate – this is an ongoing subject.
  • NHS – how are the changes in the organisation working?
  • Energy – are we concentrating too much on renewables without giving enough attention to base power stations?  We were concerned that blackouts would be inevitable if a rapid change in emphasis did not take place. We are also concerned on the cost of renewables.
  • Banking – are banks stopping long term growth by restricting lending?
  • Trident – is this good or bad?
  • Universal credit / Means Testing – issues covering variable income.
  • Report on recent Party Conference.
  • Solar Arrays in the countryside.
  • Government Finance – a wide ranging discussion on this difficult topic.
  • Party leadership.
  • European Elections 2014.
  • Planning – increasing concerns on the effects of the NPPF.

The APF welcomes interested Members to its discussions. If you would like to be involved please get in touch with Richard Hosking at RICHARDWHOSKING007@gmail.com or phone him on 07774 241333..