By joining the Conservative Party via the Totnes Constituency Conservative Association (TCCA) you:-

  1. Will be joining the Party of free enterprise, individual freedom, low taxes, local democracy, defence of the realm and development of the best of the British way of life.
  2. Can have a voice on local and national issues.
  3. Can join in social activities. We have eleven Branches across the Constituency and an active programme of local events.
  4. Will receive monthly newsletters from TCCA and our MP and can easily access information sources on national and international issues.
  5. Have a vote in selecting our local Party leadership, candidates for local Councillors, MP, MEPs, Police Commissioner and Party leader.
  6. Have opportunities to meet like minded people, local Councillors, MPs and MEPS.
  7. Can develop, if you want to, by getting insight and developing contacts, your political involvement e.g. if you think you might like to become a candidate in the future.

We welcome new members and are an open and friendly set up. To join us simply download the form below, complete and send it to the TCCA Office.

If you would like a discussion first, please contact the TCCA Office who will organise a local member to contact you.

By the way, members under 23 years old have a reduced membership fee but enjoy full membership benefits, as well as involvement in a special Section- Conservative Future.


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