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I opposed Syria bombing in 2013, but now David Cameron has my support

Two years ago, I voted to oppose military action against the Assad regime in Syria. If David Cameron returns to the Commons next week, I will be voting to stand with our allies in extending air strikes against Isil, wherever they hide. It has not been an easy decision because, whatever the accuracy of our weaponry, the innocent are likely to be among the victims of future bombing. Right now, however, countless thousands across Syria and the wider region living under Isil barbarity are subject to systematic enslavement, rape, torture, murder and genocide. Isil cannot be reasoned with and it shows no shred of humanity or mercy to those under its barbarous control.


We want to give more families the chance to own their own home. That is why we’re committed to delivering more homes that people can truly afford by changing the current planning rules to allow the building of more Starter Homes - homes that you can own, not just rent.In short we want to help Generation Rent move to Generation Buy.

Totnes Conservative Branch Autumn Supper

Totnes Conservatives had a very successful evening at their recent Autumn Supper.Local Conservative members hosted their Autumn Supper last week at the Kingsbridge Inn and were delighted to have Dr Sarah Wollaston as their guest speaker.

Dr Sarah Wollaston elected as health committee chairwoman

Dr Sarah Wollaston has been elected as the new chairwoman of the Commons Health Select Committee.The MP for Totnes said the NHS was the "most extraordinary achievement and the most extraordinary challenge" after the result was announced.