An opportunity to apply for a free defibrillator and training for your community!

The British Heart Foundation and the Department for Health have launched a joint partnership, with an investment of £1 million from the government, to improve public access to defibrillators.

Each year, nearly 30,000 people suffer a cardiac arrest out of hospital, with less than one in ten surviving. However a bystander providing immediate CPR and defibrillation can significantly increase the chances of survival. Unfortunately at present only 38% of the public are aware that they can use public access defibrillators in an emergency, and only 22% are confident that they would know how to do so. This is an opportunity to apply for the following three packages for your area.

  • A free public access defibrillatorCPR training kit and a cabinet
  • A free public access defibrillator and CPR training kit
  • A cabinet to improve accessibility to a current defibrillator

Successful applications must demonstrate:

That the defibrillator will be accessible to the public, preferably 24/7
A commitment to train the local community in CPR
A clear need for the device, such as high footfall or a rural location

For more detailed information click here Applications close in March 2016