South Hams Council numbers to fall


The independent Boundary Commission is reviewing the number of councillors who run South Hams District Council to cater for changes in the population of its wards.

Currently, there are 40 councillors representing more than 83,000 people in the district which covers an area of 350 sq miles.

However, there has been a significant shift in the population of some of the 30 wards in the district which has triggered the review.

The Boundary Commission wants to ensure that each councillor represents approximately the same number of electors.

Councillors have now decided to recommend to the Boundary Commission that its membership should be cut to around 30 councillors instead, with each councillor serving an electorate of approximately 2,500 residents.

Cllr John Tucker, Leader of South Hams District Council, said that the last review of the Council was completed in 1999 but there had been many changes in the district since.

He said: “Our population has increased and in some wards there are more residents while in other wards there are less. We know our district well and we will be making our recommendations to the Boundary Commission which we hope they take them on board.”

Any changes are expected to be consulted on next year and would not be introduced until the next Council elections in 2015.