'Vile propaganda' - Totnes MP calls for 'snuff video' action

PRIME Minister David Cameron has repeated calls on the BBC to change the way it refers for the ISIL organisation.

He made the comments in response to a question in the House of Commons from Totnes MP Sarah Wollaston.

According to Hansard, she asked him: "Does the Prime Minister agree that, just as we need to do all we can to disrupt vile propaganda from ISIL on social media, it is time for our mainstream broadcast and print media to review their editorial policies and stop publishing stills from snuff videos and blasting us with the faces of smirking terrorists?

"Instead, let us see the faces of those Tunisians who stood arm in arm to protect innocent tourists."

Mr Cameron replied: "My hon. Friend makes an important point.

"The media have to exercise their own view about social responsibility and what they should and should not publish.

"I really hope that the BBC can look again at calling the organisation 'Islamic State'. It is not Islamic and it is not a state. It is a terrorist organisation. Call it ISIL, call it Daesh, but do not give it the dignity that it is asking for."